Klipsch Three II home stereo system


Featuring real-wood finishes, durable metal structures, and groundbreaking acoustic clarity, these Heritage Inspired wireless speakers deliver the ultimate listening experience that’s made to last.


The Sixes Ebony
Couple dancing in kitchen and listening speaker


Professionally tuned by Klipsch acousticians to deliver a premium audio experience, the new Heritage Inspired speakers deliver a crystal-clear acoustic performance with great bass.

Speaker on a wooden tabletop


The Heritage Inspired line of products represent a combination of design styles, bringing a modern touch to the Klipsch Heritage line.

With the heavy use of wood stains to preserve and showcase grain patterns and the warmth of copper, brass, and bronze accents, classic Klipsch speakers are in line with Arts and Crafts interior design.

Cutting edge wireless technology represents modern advancements for audio. New technology brings to mind thoughts of modern or minimal design. The sparseness seen in minimal design is a nod to technology, allowing us to do more with less.

Woman in bathtub listening to speaker


Including cutting-edge Bluetooth® technology, Klipsch Heritage Inspired speakers feature a multitude of options and outlets when it comes to playing music anywhere in your home.

Klipsch Speakers Stacked


Klipsch Heritage Inspired products are designed to fit into any-sized space without interrupting the flow of the room. Don't let their size fool you - these speakers pack a punch when it comes to sound quality.*

*Pictured here (from top to bottom): The One II, Three with GVA, and Heritage Groove

True You 2
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Remember great sound? We never forgot.

Over 70 years ago, something very special occurred in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas. In 1946, Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) – genius, madman and maverick – designed and hand-built the legendary Klipschorn® loudspeaker with the goal of bringing live music into his living room.

An American audio pioneer and a true eccentric, PWK gave rise to speaker research and invention that would forever impact generations of music lovers.

Today, in this honored tradition, we move forward, pushing the boundaries of art and science – while driving new technologies – to deliver an always incredible listening experience through the Heritage Inspired collection.

    • The Sixes Ebony: While Supplies Last: 04/20/22 - 04/30/22
    • The Sixes Walnut: While Supplies Last: 04/20/22 - 04/30/22
    • The Three II Walnut: Limited Time Offer: 12/13/21 - 12/19/21
    • The Three II Matte Black: Limited Time Offer: 12/13/21 - 12/19/21
    • Heritage Groove Bluetooth Speaker Matte Black: Limited Time Offer: 04/12/21 - 05/31/21
    • Heritage Groove Bluetooth Speaker Walnut: Limited Time Offer: 04/12/21 - 05/31/21