INDIANAPOLIS (September 2, 2005) - Klipsch will soon introduce an enhanced version of its all-time best-selling surround sound speaker package. The new Synergy Series Quintet™ III Microsystem, also known as the world's smallest horn-loaded five-channel setup, augments the performance and style of its predecessor with an upgraded tweeter, improved industrial design and increased output.

All four Quintet satellite speakers employ a 0.75-aluminum diaphragm tweeter coupled to an exclusive MicroTractrix™ Horn for crisp, precise high frequencies and a dynamic, three-dimensional soundstage. The 3.5-inch graphite-injected, long-throw woofers produce remarkable detail and clarity. The ported bass reflex design on these models maximizes bass response, allowing ultradynamic performance and a seamless blend with the Quintet center channel and the Sub-10. Each magnetically shielded satellite features a swiveling pedestal foot for convenient wall mounting or bookshelf placement.

The two-way, magnetically shielded bass reflex design Quintet center channel uses the same MicroTractrix Horn tweeter and two of the 3.5-inch woofers found in the satellites to ensure an ideal sonic match and proper driver transition across the listening area.

The high-impact, down-firing 10-inch woofer on the Sub-10, which is the recommended subwoofer for use with the Quintet, is powered by a BASH Class D digital amplifier and generates 200 watts of continuous power and 420 watts of dynamic power. Because of its ample-sized enclosure made of medium density fiber board and a large, rear-firing port with flared ends, the Sub-10 offers increased bass response with low distortion. Stylish outrigger feet secure the down-firing system at the optimum height to ensure consistent performance.

In addition to its high-end components, the Quintet III incorporates a modern industrial design that is refined and aggressive. While the Quintet satellites and center channel feature a dark gray finish with medium gray accents, the Sub-10 is available in a black ash vinyl finish with titanium accents.

Slated to hit the mass retail market in October, the Quintet satellites and center channel will be packaged and sold together and the Sub-10 will be merchandised separately.